Visual archive

A single, hyperlinked map. Use this to easily navigate and explore Mortal Tree

In search of giving every post equal visibility, I’m trying a visual archive. It’s hosted on MindMeister, with every title linked to its respective post on Mortal Tree. With over a hundred posts and pages, you might try bookmarking for future reference, and a more indepth study of the roots that have made this blog what it is today.


Click here to view

Note: You can also find the Visual Archive in the sidebar next to any page or post -just turn mobile devices with small screens to landscape view.

6 thoughts on “Visual archive”

  1. I love this! Already it has enabled me to find an old post on Stropharia and browse through other posts that I hadn’t seen. You have me thinking about mapping my blog, although the thought of organizing those 200+ old posts is vaguely scary.


    1. It took me an hour and a half to link all the titles (~80) and probably four hours to construct the map. I got the inspiration from a much larger blog that uses it, so had in mind what I wanted before starting.
      I so appreciate you letting me know your thoughts on it. Enjoy reading


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