PASSIVE -deluxe edition

You might find it a surprise that PASSIVE Gardening, and Mastering the Growing Edge, despite being full books in their own right, were originally pieces I pulled from a larger work.

It’s a master work I’m calling Intrinsic. More on that soon. As I am honing the last details of this work, I reviewed PASSIVE and MtGE for how well they would compliment the concepts in Intrinsic.

The new, enhanced version of PASSIVE Gardening, and a slightly edited version of MtGE are now available here on Mortal Tree.  See the pages in the top left corner of the site, and click “Published Works,” or use this link. These will only be available here, as ebooks.

I streamlined the reading experience in PASSIVE, with quotes from the text to make the points more clear, added more images, and an infographic made just for this new, deluxe edition.

I’m also celebrating my enhanced control of the work (Amazon can be a little stifling) by offering a discount on these enhanced editions through this Wednesday, the 7th.

I’ll be licensing the copies manually, but will try to get orders emailed within 48 hours of receipt. Thanks so much for the interest everyone showed in these books and the method we are honing here at Mortal Tree Design. I can’t wait to see your reviews on this new edition.

Check out the Published Works page

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