I look forward to hearing from you.

I also respond to direct messages through Instagram @mortal_tree.


If you are quickly gaining intrigue in my design, consulting, or want to book me for speaking engagements on your podcast or conference, just let me know you are interested in a quote. I like to see how much I can benefit a client before discussing my rates. 

I accept most local inquiries, and some long distance. So far my longest distance client is in Belgium – specifically for a customized biological nitrogen program. We meet via Skype, and then go back and forth a lot via email.


  1. Hi, I heard of perennial kale for the first time earlier today and was pleased to find this information that you provided. Will you be making your new varieties available for purchase. It looks like it will be hard to find in the US but I would very much like to grow it. I live in the South Eastern US.


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