Simon Organics Evergreens / Winter Interests

This is a page made for my local florist clients to get an idea of the winter greenery I sell.

Please note that many of these are available as long branch around 3 ft in length on request. If length is not specified, I usually harvest in 1 ft lengths.

Juniper ‘Grey Owl’ Energetic texture in a green blue with light blue highlights.

Boxwood ‘Vick Reeves’ Limited quantity. Please place your order for this season ASAP. Small, dark green leaves. Maximum 1 ft lengths.

Norway Spruce

Long, draping form available in especially long branches up to 6 ft for draping over doorways, etc.

White Pine

Long needles which are common trees around here but surprisingly popular with customers.


The real deal but grown here in Ohio. Wonderful scent and long, sweeping form.

Dark Green Cedar

This is actually a much more rare genus of evergreen. One of my personal favorites because of the intense texture. Long, slender stems very useful for tall, upright arrangements.

Austrian Spruce

Soft, with a “sheen” of blue -the blue actually shows up depending on the light and where you stand -like iridescence.