Want to Master the Growing Edge?

….then page through this one!

One of the most powerful principles of permaculture design is Edge Effect. Edge Effect is a very broad design term that mystifies many a designer. When I wrote Mastering the Growing Edge, I explained the use of a very small portion of that great principle -using plants.

The growing edge of earth-between-sky is the ‘edge’ plants grow in. Just think of it: we often get caught up with the mass of vines and spines that invades our gardens, and hack at it with every devilish tool we can devise; but all these plants grow with roots in the earth, leaves in the sky, and a very special point between I call the Growing Edge.

Want to progress from a weapons monger to a real gardener? Plants can be your tools for managing plants. In Mastering the Growing Edge, 10 models of the tools our temperate climate plant world offers us are made clear.

If you’ve read through all that, thank you. Here is the link to Mastering the growing Edge on Amazon. Let me know how you enjoy it! Just click the book image.