Books Notice

About a year ago, I received an unusual email.

It was a query from an enthusiastic reader of this blog, very interested in reading my books. The problem: he is not enthusiastic about Amazon.

PASSIVE Gardening

I happily offered to mail him copies. He said PayPal is also on his list of boycotts. Obviously this guy has some personal ethics, so I offered to just mail him, and he could send me some cash whenever.

Having showed dedication, I was really fine with just giving him copies, because I’m very passionate about people enjoying the freedoms and wealth of resources the books offer. He seemed like the type that would crack into the goods and enjoy the benefits.

Mastering the Growing Edge

I was surprised, in a few weeks, to get a lengthy, hand written card, and far more cash than the books are worth retail. He mentioned the cash was also an informal down payment for consulting at some point.

This is normal. I’ve gotten a number of large projects from across the world I have never heard from before, yet the moment they read the books reach out for consultation -from several acre food forests with hours and hours of consultation and designs -to half hour drawings giving PDC certified designers a boost on their own yards.

Without going into details of what he wrote in the letter, this guy’s dedication to personal values struck me deeply. I have since considered my own personal values, and my partnership with Amazon, and decided I really want to foster more grassroots, small business relations.

If, as you read this, you are interested in digital or physical copies of PASSIVE Gardening, or Mastering the Growing Edge, you may simply contact me and I will happily work out getting copies to you.

I am taking offers from new printers for the book now. If you, or someone you know, is interested in partnering as a new printer, I am open to inquiries.

I appreciate the inspiration and knowledge I receive from you, my readers, day by day. It’s quite a pleasure sharing this space with you.