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They say a picture is worth a thousand words. I took this picture the morning of a very late frost, just before I left for the Farmer’s Market.

This picture says a lot. It says this food forest is not super secluded, is on a slope, is south-west facing, that it is a young food forest which is just getting started. If you read into the picture further you might guess that the white sticks are marking plants I have in the ground, and that the straw covered spot is a vegetable area. Some things this picture doesn’t say are what flora and fauna of the plants are  planted there, and what plants are going to be planted there.  It also doesn’t show a fraction of the design that is already figured and ready to come into play, or what reasons are behind those designs.

I will be happy to fill in the blanks in more detail, and I am sure I will give some details for which at the moment I don’t have any blanks. Gardens are evolving creatures, and the garden of Mortal Tree is no exception.

Besides this garden of Mortal Tree, I have several other gardens, and even a whole farm I live on, which  I, along with a lot of other people, am slowly but surely making more sustainable and alive. So keep checking back to watch the alchemy that enlivens this place.

Also, feel free to comment and give your opinion on any and all of it. I want to encourage some networking, so you are welcome to contact me, even just to introduce yourself, as I would love to find out where is, and who owns what food forests–especially in the US–especially in Ohio. Once I get a healthy collection of plants going, I fully intend to swap and donate to any enthusiastic food forest gardener.


So here it starts, and from here on, here it goes!

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