Perennial Solutions to Annual Problems

This is a post from the Oikos Tree Crops blog. Of the plants mentioned I have earth pea, purple potato, service berry, an autumn olive from them; and I actually started some ‘Precoce’ asparagus myself from seed from another source. So I’ll definitely be trying these companionships. Let me know if any of you do the same.


One of the constant challenges when faced with any horticultural endeavor is finding ways to eliminate or greatly reduce plants that are competing with your crop plant.  Here are a few examples of ways to enhance what nature has already done: companion planting with perennials, tree and shrub crops where mutual coexistence is an advantage.

Crownvetch and PotatoEcos purple potato-crownvetch

This was a planting done in December of 2014 in central Michigan.  I planted Ecos Purple Potato in early December in a large patch of crownvetch.   Crownvetch is a nitrogen fixing plant which forms a nice mat of vegetation which excludes many annuals. It was the preferred plant for highway plantings as it quickly  prevents soil erosion.  The potatoes as of July looked very healthy with good top growth.  The thin shallow rhizomes of crownvetch have a different root profile than that of potatoes.  I am going to do a larger planting…

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    1. I’m glad you like it. I’ve been waiting for Oikos to do something with their blog, as I’ve been subscribed for probably a year now. Hopefully our interest will prompt them to post more.


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