I won’t talk too much about the Kickstarter project, as it speaks for itself. I owe all of you an enormous thank you for showing me your interests, needs, and skillsets that directed me in creating this plan. I hope you find as much as I do that it has been crafted for you.

How do you see yourself leveraging this tool? If you’re curious what other details and rewards options I’ve worked into this project, click the image below. Feel free to comment here, or there on your take of it all.


      1. I think it is great to have such a hub. Here in the UK, we’ve got the Permaculture Association website where people can find designers (for example) but it doesn’t give the information that your site appears to be offering. I also like the visuals, taking it the video will be anything like site itself.

        Anyway, I hope I’ve understood your post correctly – it was rather late at night for me when I read/watched!


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