Featured on Fine Gardening GPOD

Fine Gardening Magazine publishes a garden picture (usually collection of pictures) every day which a friend of mine often forwards to me. As I read these, and saw the note at the bottom of each email welcoming submissions, I thought this would be an excellent space to feature the finer aspects of beauty a food forest like Mortal Tree presents. I was a little apprehensive whether Fine Gardening editors would accept and publish my submission. But they did.

The one image especially shows how large masses of comfrey and vetch among yellow-tan grass can have a delightful effect on the eye.

See the full collection of images here. Thanks to Fine Gardening for telling everyone that beauty can be functional!


  1. and that the functional and edible can also be beautiful! This is a very important aspect of forest gardening that is not so well recognised (yet). Congratulations Luke


    1. Thank you Anni! Your forest garden in particular has such a rich beauty. Have you ever tried submitting images to a more aesthetic-oriented garden journal? You should!


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