Answers for SkyeEnt

SkyeEnt, who has a wonderful blog you can find here, included me in her Sunshine blogs challenge. Below are my answers to her questions with a few of my own at the end. I nominate Helen of Growing Out of Chaos, and Alan of Of Plums and Pignuts to answer this same list of questions below if they like.

Or edit and answer. That’s fine too.

What country do you come from?

I’ve always been in the US, and very seldom leave Ohio. My home is in a valley with tree-filled hills and pastures as far as the eye can see.

Why did you start your blog?

For research. Having concise blog post topics, and people to read those blog posts gives a certain life to my research I can’t get any other way. Also, I have always found bloggers to be active, very driven people. I wanted to surround myself with these people, and reciprocate research with them. Starting a blog was imminent.

What’s your earliest memory?

My Dad giving me a ride on his shoulders.

Who would you most like to meet?

Queen Elizabeth I. I love reading about that era, and her.

What plant is your favourite?

Oh dear…… I got into houseplants over the last year and a half, and love purple-leaved Peperomia and Monstera deliciosa especially. With the frosts lately I just moved them all back into my room. It’s nice sleeping in the middle of a jungle. I adore orchids and am attempting white Phalaenopsis and Cymbidium for the local florists I sell to.

Despite the allure of these exotics, I really adore N-fixers. They have such personality the way they open and close their leaves in response to light or touch. Out of all of the N-fixers I have grown, I like Amorpha fruticosa best. I know of no other flower that is so dramatic with screaming-orange pollen and deep, blue-purple petals. Amorpha fruticosa is my favorite.


What item (not people or animals) would you rescue first from your home in the case e.g. of fire or flood?

My personal books -journal type book, and a book with some of my really special research.

Begin my questions:

What is your favorite flower?

White moth orchids (Phalaenopsis).

Snapped this picture at a greenhouse near me -and edited a little -of course.

What is your favorite permaculture/ecological design quote?

Such gardens arrive after years of trials, where species themselves indicate their preferences, often in defiance of the dictates of literature. It is fortunate indeed that plants cannot read!

Bill Mollison –Permaculture 2

What is your favorite permaculture design principle?

The problem is the solution

What do you do in your free time?

Play chess. I love that game.

What is your work?

Many things. As I sell to florists, herb companies, individual consumers looking for healthy vegetables, I call myself a bounty hunter of plants.


  1. Thanks for entering the spirit! I’m also finding my ‘blog great for meeting like minded people, as well as respecting people of other views! Yes I wonder what the solution of wind is? Wind generated power I suppose. I missed Helen, her blog is also great, havn’t heard much from Alan recently – he’s probably busy!

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    1. Most welcome! I hope you found my answers and self-asked questions of interest.

      In answer to your question: wind brings in seed or weeds wherever wind can access. So as long as you have an exposed garden, wind is trying to bring in the genetics, little bits of organic matter, and minerals, and the like a site needs to exclude wind. Swapping the destructive to constructive function of wind is to just let the weeds and the like wind blows in get a foothold. If the site is too poor to let this constructive function play out, add some rocks, logs or the like where seeds can find a little home. My idea anyway. What do you think of my theory?

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      1. The leaves do accumulate in the wind shadows around the place. Unfortunately it also seems to be on the hardstanding for vehicles rather than somewhere I can add a plant. At least it makes it easier to gather them up from one place! Not sure there’s much to blow in from elsewhere – the sheep have eaten most everything!


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