Intrinsic: An agriculture of altered chaos

Click here to view the kickstarter

I always love sharing these projects here on this blog because I know this is where everyone gets excited as I do about really refined ecology design. Thanks to all of you reading this for the shared interest.

Check out the project page for Intrinsic’s table of contents -with quotes from each chapter (!), and an interview on Intrinsic. I can’t wait to finish the book and start shipping copies!

The Chapter 1 preview of Intrinsic will be live (very soon!) here.


    1. It’s working! Thanks so much for letting me know. You probably noticed I opened the Kickstarter early in that case. Today is the first day it’s officially opened per my advertisements. Hopefully some rewards start accumulating more backers!

      Do you know any permaculture or ecologically minded groups near you that might be interested in buying a bundle of 10 or even 50 copies? I’m trying to find such organizations, especially in the UK, because my printer there has a limit of 1000 copies before he will print! >


      1. My guess is you’ve already tried the Permaculture Association U.K.? I’m not au fait with how publishing works – seems like a catch-22 situation where you can’t get the copies till you’ve got the buyers.


        1. I haven’t tried them. Would you recommend I just try their website contact form, or is there someone else in the organization that I might try first? I sell flowers to local florists for my mother and have always found the person at the front desk is often the one most likely to snub offers.

          Yes, it is a bit of dilemma in printing, isn’t it? My US printer is on-demand, so will print so few as 1 copy. But up to 1000 books they charge me $14 per book to print! This is why PASSIVE Gardening and Mastering the Growing Edge still have not even paid me back for the costs I invested in them -printing and shipping on-demand are horrendously expensive. I figured this time, I needed to make it a large printing all at once that might yield a profit. Otherwise, I’m just generating money for printers and fulfillment centers. >


          1. Off the top of my head, I don’t know who you would approach. You see, I don’t think they would have the motivation to buy. Maybe, it is best, unfortunately, to concentrate on the US market.


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